There are literally 1000's of paddles on the market and prices vary from entry level around £30 up to top level in the multiple £100's. Please do your own research and if you are able to try before you buy, that would be best. If you attend Pickleball Festivals (friendly round robin games), there's always a paddle shop in attendance and you can borrow paddles to try and see which fit you best. Useful article on Paddles by Wired.

In the meantime please visit The Pickleball Store: www.thepickleballstore.co.uk,they have a good assortment of Paddles with a broad price range. There are 3 brands I recommend you have a look at. Franklin, Diadem and Selkirk. If you do purchase from The Pickleball Store, you can get 5% off with my code: MDGROOTCOACHING. 

I have supplied the Diadem Hero paddle to most of our local players and they seem to be happy with them and they have lasted a good amount of time. Paddles do wear out over time, depending on how hard you play them.

The Hero paddles as singles sell at £45 but if you purchase a set of two, they work out at £35 each, plus you get two balls. 

You can also try UK Pickleball Shop or Diadem Direct

Sold at around £45.00 + postage

Sold at around £45.00 + postage

Sold at around £69.99 + postage